OAMC and Romanian Adventist Mens Chorus at Sala Radio in Bucharest. Photo by Ralph Stathem


Oregon Adventist Men's Chorus Ukraine Mission detours to Romania

An international chorus led by the Oregon Adventist Men's Chorus (OAMC) should have been in Ukraine in April of this year. The Russian invasion of Crimea in February, and subsequent unrest throughout Ukraine led to postponing, and ultimately, redirecting the mission...more

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Our Story

In 1994, our vision was 20 singing men...
God's vision was 112 within six months, and 250 on stage less than 10 years later.
In 1995, our vision was one Festival of Praise, and we wondered if anyone would come to hear us...
God's vision was yearly festivals and other events, with an audience that quickly outgrew our original location.
We said, "This group can't travel...
God's vision included singing the "Four Hymns of the Second Coming" for 55,000 in Toronto, Canada, in Swahili with our African brothers in Mwanza, Tanzania, and in Romanian with over 100 of our brothers in a two-week tour of their country.
We thought the spirit of the chorus was commitment, enthusiasm, joy and praise.
God's spirit is also teaching us tenderness, compassion, inclusion, and love.
We thought our purpose was to provide an opportunity for Christian men to make music and worship together.
God's purpose was to change our lives.
We pray that our music will change your life, too.

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