Ukraine Mission 2017 - Travel and Fundraising information

Links below will take you to information you need for making travel plans as well as fundraising.

Video: Invitation to Ukraine, with Lev Vertylo

Video: Greetings from Ukraine, April 2017

Travel dates – PDX to Bucharest to Kiev:
  • Arrive Bucharest on or before Friday, June 2, 2017. Coordinate arrival time with others as there will probably be only one bus pick-up, heading directly out of town for concert location. More detailed info later.
  • Sing in Alin’s 10th year Reunion of RAMC Concert
  • Join Romanian singers on Sunday and travel to Kiev by bus
  • Depart for home on or after June 18, 2017.
Travel dates – PDX to Kiev:
  • Arrive Kiev on or before Monday, June 5, 2017 at 7 pm. Buses will only be picking people up approximately every 4 hours, with the last pickup at about 8 pm. Getting your own transportation is highly discouraged for safety reasons. We’ll publish a bus schedule later.
  • Depart for home on or after June 18, 2017.
Your total amount due to OAMC is $1,500 for in country costs, due on the payment schedule listed in the Group or Individual travel information links below. This includes supper June 5 – breakfast June 18. Arriving early or lengthening your stay will be at your own expense.

  • Fundraising Packet. This contains all of the individual pages listed here.
    • Fundraising Letter and Pledge. Send this letter to prospective donors. The letter introduces you and your participation in the Mission. The pledge allows your supporter to specify the amount they can contribute. Use the Word form of this document if you want to fill in donor information electronically.
    • Gift Identification Chart. Use this form to make a list of prospective donors, as well as amounts you might consider asking for. Sometimes, asking for specific amounts can sometimes help the donor make a decision. Use your instinct and knowledge of the donors on whether to ask for a specific amount. Some of you may want to use the Word form of this document to keep track of your donors.
    • Information Handout explains the mission. You may want to print extra copies of this handout to share with interested people. Remember, you also want as many people as possible praying for you and the mission!
Send any questions you have regarding the mission or fundraising to

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Invitation to Ukraine

A Message of Peace and Comfort

When you ask God what He wants you to do and commit yourself to doing it, prepare to be wowed. Just a few years ago, the OAMC planning team asked that question during a weekend of prayer and exploration. The young men you see on the platform today are the first part of God's answer. The second part, helping to develop men's chorus ministries around the world, has seen OAMC work side-by-side with choruses in Romania and South Africa. A new chapter is flourishing in Spain. And now comes a second invitation to take this ministry to Ukraine. OAMC had plans to go to Ukraine in 2014. A couple of months prior to our departure, Ukraine found itself embroiled in war and political upheaval. We might have continued with the mission but our hosts needed all of their energies and resources focused on the growing and heart-rending needs of their people. Over the past couple of years, OAMC has helped support aid efforts to the war-stricken portions of Eastern Ukraine.

Video: Invitation to Ukraine, with Lev Vertylo

Video: Greetings from Ukraine, April 2017

A new invitation has been sent, asking OAMC to help bring healing, unity and peace. "Our country needs something like this," says Stanislav Nosov, president of the Ukraine Union Conference. While we will be in the more peaceful western portions of the country, the entire country has suffered.

We asked for God's leading in this mission, asking for clear direction. Every answer led us to accept this invitation. This international mission will include singers from the U.S., Romania, Spain and South Africa, singing side-by-side with Ukranian men. And in each city where we sing, the pastors will host meetings to follow our concerts.

We would love for you to join us in this mission.

  • Pray for the mission and continued guidance
  • Help us financially to take our young men as well as singers from other countries. We will be updating information on how you can help fund this mission.
  • Tell others about this mission project.
  • Pray for the people of Ukraine.

Why sing?

Video: Why sing?

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