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for OAMC singers, musicians, and families

Please LOG IN to change your information, register for participation in festivals and missions, access music and rehearsal aids, and more.
If you have not previously logged in, e-mail password(a)oamc.org for instructions, substituting the @ symbol for (a).
REGISTRATION PROCESS: Please use the online registration feature to tell us whether or not you are participating in the events we're planning, even if you are not sure (you can always update it later). This will save your all-volunteer staff a lot of time. Simply log in and click on the link for each event. Thank you. Detailed Rehearsal and Concert Schedule If you are interested in singing with OAMC, please see the article below.

Want to sing with us?
Information for prospective new singers
If you are interested in singing with the Oregon Adventist Men's Chorus, whether it's for one event or all events, the process is the same. We don't audition, but do ask that you agree with our philosophy as stated on our home page under "Our Story," and want to continue on the Christian journey.
We are a mission-driven organization, and not a "standing choir." This means that you register for each event in which you want to participate, and prepare to the best of your ability. Simply send your contact information and the part you sing to members (a) oamc.org substituting the @ symbol for (a). We'll send you login and password information.

Why sing?
Video: Why sing?